I’ve been out her in Utah for about a week now for the world cup at the end of the month. I decided to come out a little earlier to see a friend who moved out here a couple of years ago, and its so great to catch up and experience Utah in a different way away from the ski scene.



Even though its early February and I expected it to be freeeezing, and its surprisingly shorts weather! So we’ve been able to do a lot of things and introduce me to new experiences.

We went to my first ever basket ball game (the Utah Jazz vs Sacramento  Kings). Loved the vibe in the stadium and the Utah Jazz won!!!!


After the game we were super hyped so decided to go to a roller disco (totally need to get one in England). It was really fun even though I suck of the skates, so definitely investing in a pair and learning. Unfortunately didn’t get any pictures :(

I’ve met lots of lovely people who have introduced me to all the American fast food specialties… proper athlete food…IMG_2782



Midnight slushy run + cheesecake the size of my head = happy me!!

Also been enjoying the outdoors and the awesome scenery while the good weather lasts.






If you hadn’t guessed I like puppies!


So I’m having a blast out here so far and only a couple of days left before I head up to Park City with the team for training.


Had an awesome 2 weeks in Colorado! Unfortunately I was ill the first week with a cold and there were a few storms, so missed a couple of days. But got strait back into the swing of things once it passed and as I wasn’t competing I just focused on training in the pipe.

Breckenridge pipe was amazing and it felt really comfortable and smooth to ski, so I enjoyed myself working on tricks and amplitude, trying to push myself out of my comfort zone and build myself up to that higher level. Luckily we were pretty blessed with the weather in the second week, almost blue bird every day!!

Now I’m back home, trying to get over this jetlag (which isn’t happening L)! It’s killing me, hate wasting the day. But feeling super productive and motivated, and taking this time at home to get stuff done!!


Happy New Year!!!

Hello!! I haven’t done a blog in forever so thought with the start of the New Year I’d pick it up again.

I hope everyone enjoyed the festivities over the holidays and had an awesome Christmas and New Year. I came back home from the states for Christmas this year, for the first time in 3 years, which was great apart from the jetlag (I missed sunlight for 4 days) not a good time but I really enjoyed spending time with my family and friends, and actually been able to go and celebrate the New Year with everyone.

I didn’t compete earlier this season in December due to just getting back into the swing of things since my crash in February. I’m feeling a lot more confident but taking this season as training and getting back to my full ability in the pipe before competing again. It was gutting not being ready to compete as I had got my invite to dew tour and was super excited as its a great and well known competition.

Also new this season I’m happy to be supported by Extreme. They do amazing energy drinks that get me through my training. Definitely worth a try!

Now I’m back out in Colorado for a couple of weeks training with the team. I arrived yesterday (the 1st) which wasn’t the best date we could have chosen… flying with a hangover a long with a cold isn’t really the best feeling in the world!

Now to get my head back in the game and get back into the pipe in Breckenridge, super excited as I haven’t hit this pipe yet and it looks amazing.

Grand Prix

Around a week ago I competed in the Grand Prix at Copper Mountain in Colorado. This was one of the Olympic qualifiers so in order to get the criteria and qualify, I had to get a top 12 place at the least (making the finals). As I had qualified into the Dew Tour finals only one more top 12 was needed, so I was feeling the pressure.

On the day of the Qualifications, it took place in the evening under the spot lights, my mind was just set on trying to enjoy myself and getting down my run, like I know I can. I had landed my runs in practice so I was feeling confident, but unfortunately the nerves got to me and I crashed in the first run. This put a lot of pressure and nerves on me for my second run. Thankfully I landed and made into the finals in 10th place!

Here’s the link to my run: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kbfhT5nvr34&feature=youtu.be

A few days later the finals took place, again at night, a lot of people turned up to watch and the whole thing was broadcasted live on tv. Now that I had made it to the finals I had no pressure on me and I could just go out there and enjoy myself. I didn’t land my runs totally how I wanted in the finals but still managed to come out in 10th!

Now had a week of over Christmas, time to get back into training for the next world cup in Calgary, Canada on the 31st-3rd January.

Merry Christmas!!!!


I’ve been out in Colorado now for 3 weeks and I couldn’t be more pleased with how its going. Just over a week ago I had my first comp of the season, The North Face Freeski open, as this was soon after i arrived and wasn’t an Olympic qualifier we decided to treat as a training competition. I landed my run in qualifiers and proceeded into finals in 6th place, unfortunately in the finals i fell on my runs!

2 days after I started training for Dew Tour as i was 1st alternate, fortunately someone dropped out and I was able to compete. I was really nervous as it is a really big and well known comp, plus I was competing against the top girls in the sport. Qualifiers were a blast as I skied the best I ever had and managed to qualify into finals in 7th place!! This was better than I thought, so went into the finals with nothing to lose. Unfortunately, due to lack of speed, I didn’t land the run I wanted too; but still managed to land a basic safety run and finished overall in 7th place. Which I’m still super stoked about!!

Now I’m in the middle of training for the Grand Prix taking place at Copper Mountain on Thursday evening.

Saas Fee

So a couple of weeks back myself and the team headed out to Switzerland to Saas Fee, to train along side the Swiss team. I have been to Saas Fee for the past 6 years, so it is like a home away from home.

Although it was only a short trip I learnt and improved a lot, including a 900 and right 720 (unnatural spin), and also perfected a lot of my other tricks to make a new competition run for the upcoming season, which I’m really excited about.

Now super excited to be heading out to CO in a couple of weeks

New Zealand

Over August and early September I have been out in New Zealand competing and training with the GB ski and snowboard team. It was a lot of fun skiing with my friends and also meeting lots of awesome people. I trained really well and felt that I had improved a lot over the month I was out there. Unfortunately the world cup didn’t go the way I had hoped it too, as my runs had gone really well in training but when it came to the comp I let the nerves get to me, and I unfortunately messed up my runs; which put me in 17th place.

Fortunately I had another comp to compete in which was the North Face Freeski open, this was near the end of the trip, which kept me focused in training. I really enjoyed this comp and felt I skied the best I could have, and ended up placing 3rd which I was mega stoked about!!

Here’s the link to the halfpipe finals- http://vimeo.com/73524089

Over all it was a successful trip and can’t wait to head back there next year. Back home now and just focusing on training in the gym and college.



3 weeks ago I went on a training trip to Whistler in Canada (which is one of my all time favorite places to ski) with the rest of the halfpipe team for 2 weeks.


It was a lot of fun and as we were training along side the momentum camps the park and the pipe were sick and in top condition. It was a great opportunity for me to try new tricks as well and perfecting the tricks I already have because we were lucky enough to be able to use the pipe airbag. The first week the weather sucked, it was rainy and cloudy and we only got one sunny day, but we still got to ride, and the conditions worked out well for using the airbag. The second week the weather was a lot better, we got a lot of sun and hardly any cloudy days, which was great as we could really focus on training (plus it made for good tanning/swimming sessions by the lake).

By the end of the 2 weeks I was super happy with what I achieved, with learning cork 900’s on the airbag and getting flairs, grabs in my spins and right fives (opposite spin) on the snow.

Now onto New Zealand for a month for the training and a World Cup.


Spain and Italy

This season has been a blast! Mixed feelings with the results I have achieved some I’m super happy with, others I think I could have done better. Within the last week I have been to Sierra Nevada in Spain for the World Cup and Valmalenco in Italy for the Junior World Champs.

Spain was really fun with all the teams out there. Though unfortunately the competition didn’t go my way as the cloud came in so pretty much all visibility had gone, which slowed the comp down by hours. In the end we only got one run qualifiers where I came 15th.


Really stoked with how the World Juniors went. I headed out with the coach Jamie Mathews and was joined with some of the guys from the slope style, ski across and mogul’s team. The pipe was pretty small which meant throwing the tricks a little harder than usual but everything went well in training and in the comp, and ended placing in 3rd. Super stoked!




Gutted this season is over and I’ve finished the last comp, it has been so much fun, but super looking forward to summer and the training trips that I have planned.


So I have been out here in Colorado for 3 weeks now with the British ski and snowboard team and I’m having a blast. So far I’ve been mostly training in the pipe at copper but have recently checked out the pipe in Breckenridge as it’s only just opened after the dew tour. The Dew Tour was awesome to watch, and everyone killed it by throwing down some massive tricks. Also I have been working on slopestyle with Anna Vincenti, to take a bit of a break from pipe; I have been trying unnatural spins and unnatural on rails; it is nice to be getting my rail feet back. I have also competed in my first competition of the season which was the NorAm, North Face Park and Pipe open on the 10th-11th December.

This was so much fun and I was stoked to make the final and to finish in 10th place. I have other comps coming up while I’m out here which is a world cup in Copper and in Utah; so I’ll keep you posted.  

We have also been spending a lot of time at Woodward it has been sick for practicing new tricks on the tramps and in the foam pits. I can then take this to my skiing (I have been working on doubles into the foam pit) and just having fun messing around learning stunts on the floor, such as standing back flips.

That’s it from me so far but I’ll keep you posted on the rest of the trip!

Merry Christmas!!