I’ve been out her in Utah for about a week now for the world cup at the end of the month. I decided to come out a little earlier to see a friend who moved out here a couple of years ago, and its so great to catch up and experience Utah in a different way away from the ski scene.



Even though its early February and I expected it to be freeeezing, and its surprisingly shorts weather! So we’ve been able to do a lot of things and introduce me to new experiences.

We went to my first ever basket ball game (the Utah Jazz vs Sacramento  Kings). Loved the vibe in the stadium and the Utah Jazz won!!!!


After the game we were super hyped so decided to go to a roller disco (totally need to get one in England). It was really¬†fun even though I suck of the skates, so definitely investing in a pair and learning. Unfortunately didn’t get any pictures :(

I’ve met lots of lovely people who have introduced me to all the American fast food specialties… proper athlete food…IMG_2782



Midnight slushy run + cheesecake the size of my head = happy me!!

Also been enjoying the outdoors and the awesome scenery while the good weather lasts.






If you hadn’t guessed I like puppies!


So I’m having a blast out here so far and only a couple of days left before I head up to Park City with the team for training.