Happy New Year!!!

Hello!! I haven’t done a blog in forever so thought with the start of the New Year I’d pick it up again.

I hope everyone enjoyed the festivities over the holidays and had an awesome Christmas and New Year. I came back home from the states for Christmas this year, for the first time in 3 years, which was great apart from the jetlag (I missed sunlight for 4 days) not a good time but I really enjoyed spending time with my family and friends, and actually been able to go and celebrate the New Year with everyone.

I didn’t compete earlier this season in December due to just getting back into the swing of things since my crash in February. I’m feeling a lot more confident but taking this season as training and getting back to my full ability in the pipe before competing again. It was gutting not being ready to compete as I had got my invite to dew tour and was super excited as its a great and well known competition.

Also new this season I’m happy to be supported by Extreme. They do amazing energy drinks that get me through my training. Definitely worth a try!

Now I’m back out in Colorado for a couple of weeks training with the team. I arrived yesterday (the 1st) which wasn’t the best date we could have chosen… flying with a hangover a long with a cold isn’t really the best feeling in the world!

Now to get my head back in the game and get back into the pipe in Breckenridge, super excited as I haven’t hit this pipe yet and it looks amazing.